Current Available Car Modifications (information & kits)

  • Sleepy Eye Modification
  • Ford Probe Clear Turn Signal Mod
  • Ford Probe Fog Light rewire Mod
  • Intake Sensor Mod = up to 10 hp gain
  • Weight Reductions = around 20 hp gain
  • Electric Supercharger = 5-35 hp gain
  • S2000 Push Button Start
  • Custom Grill Kit
  • Quad Headlight Kit Construction  NEW!!!
Ford Probe Clear Turn Signal Mod

With this mod, you will be able to give your probe Clear Turn
Signals on your front bumper.  No need to spend money on new
lights.  Create your own clear turn signal lights cheap and quick.  

*Information only.  Sent by e-mail or on a CD*
Clear Turn Info

Only!  $2.50
Ford Probe Fog Light Rewire Mod

Daytime running fog lights look.  Info on how to re-wire you
factory fog lights.  Have your fog light on at any time you want,
with or without your headlights on.   

*Information only.  Sent by e-mail or on a CD*
Fog Light Rewire

Only!  $2.50
Intake Sensor ECU Mod

The Intake Sensor Mod is cheap and easy to install and can give
horsepower gains of 10+ on some models.

*Information only.  Sent by e-mail or on a CD*

Only!  $2.50
Weight Reduction Mod

You will be able to reduce your cars weight and give it a dramatic
increase in horsepower.  Approx 20hp gain

*Information only.  Sent by e-mail or on a CD*
Weight Reduce.

Only!  $2.50
Electric Turbo Superchargers

Info on how to build Electric Turbos. With electric turbos is that
you are getting anywhere from 5-35 more horsepower: this is a
low cost for the results of this product.

*Information only.  Sent by e-mail or on a CD*

Custom Kits are also available  $65 - $350  (contact us)
E Turbo

Only!  $9.50

Detailed instructions on how to build and install your electric turbo on your car. (many different models),

Links where to purchase all the necessary parts, kits, etc.,

Charts, graphs and pictures of examples, and done turbo kits.

Tips on what’s the best model, and what they really do. Info. on the real deal electric TURBOS, and the junk models.

Benefits of Electric Superchargers

Cost efficient, Increase in Horse Power and Torque, Eliminates Turbo Lag,  Quick & Easy to install, Instant Power Boost, Uses
12V power source, No Maintenance required
Push Start

Only!  $2.50
S2000 Push Start Engine Start

Info on how to give your car a Push Button Start which will allow
you to start your vehicle with a touch of a button.  Includes info
where to get the OEM S2000 push button.

*Information only.  Sent by e-mail or on a CD*

Only!  $2.50
Grill Kit Construction & Install

Info with pictures and steps on how to create a custom grill for
any car make and install it on your car.  Links on where to
purchase the materials cheap!  Save hundreds!!

*Information only.  Sent by e-mail or on a CD*

Do it yourself Kits are also available  $5 - $25 (contact us)

Only!  $2.50
Quad Headlight Kit Construction

This is information on how to create your own Quad Headlight
Kit.  These kits are sold for over $600.  I will give list of parts to
get and where to get them and how to build your kit for a fraction
of that price.

*Information only.  Sent by e-mail or on a CD*
All Images on this page are taken of our/friends cars or supplied by car owners.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.
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