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How It Works
Welcome to HydroPower4Cars.com.  This site is dedicated to inform the public about the benefits of HHO technology,
and to provide the highest quality Hydrogen Systems & Accessories at the lowest possible prices.
Hydrogen Generator Creates Hydroxy Gas which enters your car through the air intake.  This gas mixes
with your fuel/air mixture, which increases combustion and more efficient burning of the fuels.  This
provides better gas mileage as less gas is being wasted as well as increases power and lowers

Wikipedia definition
"Hydroxy gas" A nickname for oxyhydrogen combination of hydrogen and oxygen gas produced from the
electrolysis of water"

Please take a few minutes and look over our site, check out our hydrogen systems and feel free to ask any questions.  
All kits are built to exceed Water4Gas specifications, and provide you with the best system for the money.
We also create custom systems, based on the specifications you demand.  No job is to small, and we’ll do our best to
accommodate all your needs.
Electrolyte & Amp

Recommendations on what to use for Electrolyte for your HHO Gas Generator:
You should only be using distilled or bottled mineral water.  You can use tap water,

Baking Soda (great cheap electrolyte)

* Available everywhere and is cheap
* Produces good results.
* It does produce some Co2 and Co.
* Might turn the water brown after a while. (Requires basic maintenance)

KOH (potassium hydroxide)   (recommended throughout the market for high HHO production)

* Electrodes stay clean
* HHO gas production is at 90-100% when using a good generator
* strong and pure electrolyte
* NOTE:  dangerous to work with

White Vinegar

* Electrodes stay clean
* Its cheap, safe and available everywhere.
* Problem is that it smells and can make the water become dark.

Winter Electrolyte: (Developed by mr. M. Moldoveanu)

Water+Ethyl Glycol+KOH will provide the benefit the technical of low freezing point but high boiling point at the same


* Only turn on (run) your HHO generator when your engine is running
* Only refill your HHO generator when your engine is cold and turned off.
* Do not exceed power recommended by the market  (in general 10 - 30 amps at 12 volt.)  15 Amps is the
recommended rating.
* Do not modify your HHO generator, if you don’t know what you are doing,  as of this could be dangerous to you and
your car.

* Most systems should be drawing 10 – 30 Amps, for good results.  The amp draw would be a few amps less when the
system is cold, so when adding the electrolyte do it little by little.
* Do not try to get too much HHO gas production out of your generator by increasing the Amps.  This will cause
overheating and your system can be damaged.  Instead of going over the Amps just increase the items of generators in
your setup for higher HHO gas volume.