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Welcome to HydroPower4Cars.com.  This site is dedicated to inform the public about the benefits of HHO technology,
and to provide the highest quality Hydrogen Systems & Accessories at the lowest possible prices.

The combination of hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen gas (O2) together is called HHO. It is also known as Hydroxy and
Brown's Gas. HHO is fuel. Burning HHO creates water vapor, in other words - water! HHO is a very green fuel.

Electrolysis is the process of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The 2 gas that are created are
hydrogen gas or oxygen gas. When both are bubbled up in the cell and collected together - we create a burnable fuel.

Mileage Booster:
An electrolysis device is called an cell, HHO fuel cell, or HHO generator. When the HHO is run through a hose into the air
intake, the engine burns it as fuel. Using water for fuel reduces normal fuel consumption, thus fuel is saved.

Is Hydrogen Safe?
NO!!  You are dealing with explosive gasses! Use extreme caution in testing and adhere to safety guidelines. Be Safe!
Property damage or serious injury may occur if you are careless and don't respect the technology. Storing hydrogen, like
any other fuel, is generally considered an unsafe practice. However, HHO must never be stored. If sparked, HHO is able
to detonate inside the sealed storage container. Do not allow HHO to accumulate. By design, incorporate flash venting
into HHO equipment. Self sealing flash ports, flashback suppressors, BUBBLERS,  Relays and engine-on power
switching are core components to a safe HHO system.

What is HOD?
Hydrogen on Demand is amazing! When we need fuel, water can be fractured and used immediately. HOD eliminates all
the safety issues concerning hydrogen storage. How? Hydrogen is locked safely in water until we need it! The cost
savings and safety gains of HHO on demand are important and easily overlooked. Many advancing H2 technologies only
want the revenue from delivery, storage, and pumping sales. When water is safe, Why store something dangerous? With
the rising costs of fuel, water is attractive. Hydrogen on Demand is becoming a household concept. For your fuel needs,
consider creating HHO from water for anything you can think of: not just cars.

Why use Stainless Steel?
Many conductive metals corrode, inside the electrolyzer. Stainless Steel resists corrosion. Stainless Steel grade 304 is
the minimum standard. Stainless Steel grade 316L is recommended for high quality electrolyzers.

What's Electrolyte?
Pure water does not conduct electricity. Adding a base to the water creates an electrolytic solution and increases
conductivity, allowing electrolysis to occur. Distilled water and KOH is the preferred electrolyte.  You can also use many
other electrolytes such as Baking Soda, Lye, Vinegar, KOH  etc...