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DUAL X-11 Dry Cell Kit  (Complete HHO System)
DUAL Super Dry CELL Kit.  Premium Fully Assembled Ready for Install Hydrogen System

*Will work with any type of gasoline or diesel powered vehicle*

Assembled from  top of the line materials
Heavy Duty Construction for long hours of use
We only use 316L Stainless Steel heavy gauge plates ( Laser Cut )

Approximate measurement of each cell is 4" x 4" x 4" (perfect fit in any large vehicle)

Stays 15% cooler and produces 10-20% more HHO gas than other cells in the same category
Hose barbs are 1/4" cells to reservoir, and 3/'8" from reservoir to bubbler and engine
Pre-drilled aluminum brackets on each side of the cell for easy mounting
HHO Output: 2.5 - 5.0 lpm

Complete System Includes: (ready to install out of box)

- Two Assembled Dry Cell Generators  (Un-assembled Kit available too for lower price, comes with Build CD)
-  3.0 or 4.0 Quart Reservoir   (1 quart = 950ml)
-  Two Complete RELAY Wire Harnesses (full assembled & labeled)
-  Heavy Duty 1/4" id & 3/8" reinforced hoses
-  Adapters
-  Zip Ties
- Reservoir has built in Safety Alert switch for low water level.  Come with LED kit.
- Heavy Duty Safety Bubbler (flashback protector)
- Detailed Installation Manual (with Step by Step directions, Images and examples)

BONUS HHO CD (All information about HHO technology you will need to know + popular HHO manuals, videos, images,
                                        graphs, installation directions for all types of engines and cars and more bonus information)
Images: (click to enlarge)
Perfect for V8 and great for V10 Engines.
20% to 70% Efficiency increase.
Welcome to HydroPower4Cars.com.  This site is dedicated to inform the public about the benefits of HHO technology,
and to provide the highest quality Hydrogen Systems & Accessories at the lowest possible prices.
Item #: X-11DualSystem
Sale Price: $409.95
50% off $825 msrp
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