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Premium X-11 Dry Cell TORCH SYSTEM (Complete HHO System with HHO torch)
Sale Price: $299.00
50% off $599 msrp
Super Dry CELL Kit.  Premium Fully Assembled Ready for Install Hydrogen System

2 in 1 HHO System.   

This is our most popular X-11 System with our NEW Torch Kit.    You can use this as a
HHO Torch system, or change back to a regular HHO system and install on your car.
*Will work with any type of gasoline or diesel powered vehicle*

Assembled from  top of the line materials
Heavy Duty Construction for long hours of use
We only use 316L Stainless Steel heavy gauge plates ( Laser Cut )

Approximate measurement of the cell is 4" x 4" x 4" (perfect fit in any vehicle)

Stays 15% cooler and produces 10-20% more HHO gas than other cells
Hose barbs are 1/4"
(3/8" are available)
Pre-drilled aluminum brackets on each side of the cell for easy mounting
HHO Output: 1.2 - 2.5 lpm

Complete System Includes: (ready to install out of box)

-  Assembled Dry Cell Generator  (Un-assembled Kit available too for lower price, comes with Build CD)
-  1.5 Quart Reservoir   (1 quart = 950ml)
-  Complete RELAY Wire Harness (full assembled & labeled)
-  Heavy Duty 1/4" id reinforced hose
-  Adapters
-  Zip Ties
- Reservoir has built in Safety Alert switch for low water level.  Come with LED kit.
- Heavy Duty Safety Bubbler (flashback protector) with HHO Torch connector setup.
- Detailed Installation Manual (with Step by Step directions, Images and examples)
- 1 HHO Torch

BONUS HHO CD (All information about HHO technology you will need to know + popular HHO manuals, videos, images,
                                        graphs, installation directions for all types of engines and cars and more bonus information)
Images: (click to enlarge)
2 in 1 system.  HHO Torch and Car HHO Kit
Welcome to HydroPower4Cars.com.  This site is dedicated to inform the public about the benefits of HHO technology,
and to provide the highest quality Hydrogen Systems & Accessories at the lowest possible prices.
Item #: X-11-TORCH-kit
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